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Toni McIlwain - A Champion For Change


Antonette "Toni" McIlwain, has led community revitalization efforts that encompass family counseling, "at-risk" youth programs, neighborhood improvements, block club development and economic strategies for Detroit residents and communities.  Her organizing efforts to bridge relationships with law enforcement and areas of the underserved neighborhoods have resulted in crime rate reductions.

Toni has received hundreds of local and national recognitions of service, as well as accolades when speaking before Fortune 500 companies.  

She was acknowledged with the "1000 Points of Light" award from President Bush in 1990 for her efforts and service to "help solve our nation's problems".  

Toni also received the Achievement Against the Odds Award from the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise in Washington, D.C. from actor James Earl Jones, becoming the first Michigan resident to receive this award.  She has led or served on various task forces for state and local government agencies to make positive change for people of all races and backgrounds.

Toni created partnerships and alliances to benefit people. "People need a reason to hope..." says Toni.  "If there is no one to give you hope, then you just don't care (for anything or anyone).  My mission is to provide hope wherever I work, wherever I speak, wherever I go."

Professional Achievements & Awards

(partial list)

  • Michigan Veterans Foundation - Certificate
  • State of Mi Special Tribute - State Senator Scott
  • Detroit Omega Foundation - Humanitarian Award
  • Governors Transition Team - Detroit Public Schools
  • Jam Project - Distinguished Community Award
  • U.S. Department of Commerce - Census Award
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Southern Leadership Conference
  • Tiger Woods Foundation
  • United Way of Southeastern Michigan

Presentations/Public Speaking Engagements

(partial list)

  • Lear Corporation
  • Ameritech Corporation
  • Comerica Bank
  • Wayne State University
  • Albion College
  • United Way
  • Community Friends Church - Akron, Ohio
  • Michigan State University
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Crain's Detroit Business

Toni was a young mother at 15 years old and a survivor of an abusive marriage from which she ultimately found herself homeless with four children in her early 20's. Through her struggles to survive and provide for her children, she discovered her religious higher power with a promise to give the rest of her life to GOD and serving his people.  

"Everyone Has the Right to Have Their Dignity Affirmed."
Toni McIlwain